Top 10 restaurants in the City Center

Top 10 restaurants in the City Center

Island food
Caribbean people are always in the mood for good food. No matter what the occassion, it's always celebrated with good food, laughs and wonderful memories. Therefore, it's essential that our local restaurants provide the same experiences for our visitors. Below you'll find our top 10 restaurants in the City Center. Some are open for breakfast, some for lunch or dinner and some are open for all 3.

1. Cafe de tijd
For a great experience in an informal ambiance, Cafe de Tijd is the place to visit. Open for dinner, you can visit and enjoy what they call 'the best ribs on the island'. Their concept when it comes to ribs is a first come first serve concept. They call it 'Op = Op' which literally means 'Finished is Finished'. They sell out quick, so don't go in too late.

2. Wandu
For a nice breakfast experience, you can visit Wandu cafe where they sell nice coffee and breakfast items to start your day off right. Make sure you try their signature home made papaya jam!

3. Ginger
Serving Caribbean and Asian Cuisine, you can dine beneath the stars at Ginger restaurant. Open only for dinner, you'll be sure to experience an unforgettable dinner and have a great time. 

4. Temari Sushi
Are you in the mood for Sushi? If you're staying in City Suites Curacao, you can practically walk out of your room into Temari Sushi Restaurant. Located right next to the City Suites lobby, this is one restaurant you can't miss during your visit. For the non sushi lovers, Temari also has different options on the menu. Also open for breakfast and lunch.

5. Kome
Kome restaurant is where you go to do exactly what the name says; eat. Kome means 'Eat' in papiamentu and your tastebuds will thank you after your visit. Their menu consists of different types of dishes, ranging from tapas to larger dinner plates and delicious dessert. A must visit for dinner.

6. Iguana Cafe
One of the most popular spots in the City to watch the sun go down after a perfect day. Come early to reserve your front row seat and have some drinks and snacks while you wait for the sun to set. Iguana cafe is also open for lunch and on Friday evenings it's a great place to enjoy live music while you relax and dine at our harbourside.

7. Pleincafe Wilhelmina
For breakfast, lunch or even dinner, Pleincafe Wilhelmina is a great option as well. A dutch restaurant with a wide variety of dishes to serve you. And if you'd like some nice icecream, there's a shop right on the terrace waiting to serve you on a hot day.

8. Perla del Mar
For a bit more of a fancy dinner with the family, Perla del Mar is a great seafood restaurant to visit. Make your reservation in advance and enjoy all kinds of meals ranging from fish to shrimp, lobster, crab or even steak if you're not a fish lover. Perla del Mar stands for 'Pearl of the sea'. A great seafood experience!

9. Cantina del Patron
Moving more towards the mexican or latin food types, Cantina del Patron offers a large variety of tapas dishes which are small bites you can share at the table. Pick a few, mix and match and reorder your favorites accompanied by a nice glass of their signature sangria. Open for dinner.

10. 27 Bar & Terrace
If you love to dine and dance or nodd your head to some great rock or blues music, 27 Bar & Terrace is your place to visit. A large menu selection to choose from ranging from international to local with great taste. You're sure to leave here happy and full or even stay the whole night to enjoy the live music after dinner.

Where are you dining?
Wherever your tastebuds may take you, these 10 restaurants are definitely some to consider during your stay. Ask the front desk agent to give you the directions to the restaurant or even help you place a reservation. All these restaurants are within walking distance from City Suites Curacao.