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7 Business Travel Tips for Frequent Corporate Travelers

We've gathered an exclusive guide for business travelers visiting Curaçao.. Read more below:

Over a third of our guests come in as corporate clients and business travelers! We put together 7-important tips for frequent business/ corporate travelers. A guide to help you through your planning of your next business trip.

Pack your Luggage Strategically

You don't want to have to stress about losing your luggage, or wasting time waiting for it by the crowded baggage claim. Try to stick with carry-on bags only which will both save you time at the airport and make it easier to walk around the destination you're visiting.

Minimize Security Checkpoints

Always pack with security checkpoints in mind, don't pack any liquids or heavy metals that might cause you to spend extra time at the security checkpoints.

Stay in a City-Center Hotel

When choosing a hotel, choose a centrally-located hotel that is both modern and clean! When visiting Curaçao, City Suites Beach Hotel is the perfect destination thanks to the quick check-in, spacious and clean suites, and beachfront central location! Discover the Suites & Rates

Book Non-Stop Flights

Don't spend additional time running around airports and allowing for unexpected delays. Always thrive for non-stop flights to secure a smooth travel with no surprises (at least not the negative ones).

Find Healthy Food (& Pack it)

A business traveler always needs to be healthy and ready for work. Don't allow for travel to be your excuse for consuming greasy fast food meals or not drinking enough water. Always pack some healthy snacks (wholesome protein bars and a variety of nuts). You should also scout for some healthy food options around your hotel and business destination.

Check-in Ahead of Time

Thanks to all the new technology, you can now check-in virtually without actually having to physically be present. This applies for both your flight and hotel. When visiting Curaçao and staying with us at (City Suites Beach Hotel), you can always check-in online or use our Express check-in service at the front desk.

Remember the Essentials

Everyone has their own travel rituals and personal essentials they like to bring with them when traveling for work; we put together a list of the most forgotten items according to our hotel guests: Jacket, tops, a travel outfit, shoes (comfy and corporate), underwear and socks, pajamas, grooming kit, workout clothes, toiletries, travel documents, laptop bag, chargers, business cards, purse/ wallets, small travel umbrella (just-in-case).


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