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7 Best Restaurants in Punda you must visit when in Curaçao

We've gathered the list of the best 7 restaurants in the downtown area.. Read more below:

Let's talk food. The best thing about traveling is trying new dishes and opening up to new food that you would usually not eat. It's the perfect time to explore and enjoy some tasty meals. We're getting hungry just writing this... We gathered the best restaurants around downtown, a perfect short walk when you're staying with us at City Suites Beach Hotel!

Temari Sushi

This hidden gem offers Japanese Specialties & Peruvian Ceviche! Located in the center of downtown, you can enjoy incredible dishes and sip on some of their cocktails at the bar. Make sure to ask for the local cocktails. Temari Sushi is located inside our hotel; when staying with us at City Suites Beach Hotel; make sure to ask at the front desk for any available guest discounts!

La Boheme Restaurant in Punda, Curaçao
La Boheme Restaurant in Punda, Curaçao

La Boheme Curacao

La Bohème Curacao is an atypical bistro, run by a Chilean family with a very multicultural staff. It runs on the promise of serving everyone as family in a very cozy, yet informal atmosphere. A must-visit when around downtown.

Plein Café Wilhelmina

This modern European-style café is a busy stop for those looking to grab a cold beer on a sunny day of touring downtown! The Piña Coladas are highly recommended with their famous Chicken Salad Wrap. Quite affordable and the food is worth what you pay for.

Scampi's Restaurant in Punda, Curaçao
Scampi's Restaurant in Punda, Curaçao


Scampi's restaurant is located in the historic water fort terrace in the heart of downtown, literally. Dine by the waterside, with a romantic candlelit dinner that offers a view of Curacao’s port. Enjoy a menu with a wide-selection of fresh-caught seafood and international plates that sooth any palate.

Saint Tropez Oceanclub

Oh Là Là, who's up for a French upscale sunset? Inspired by the famous coastal town on the French Riviera, this Ocean Club is a few minutes walk from our hotel, and offers an incredible variety of wines, cocktails, and an impressive menu of pastas, seafood plates, and some specialties that we don't know how to pronounce. Don't be intimidated by the fancy stuff, everyone is welcome here!

Perla Del Mar Restaurant in Punda, Curaçao
Perla Del Mar Restaurant in Punda, Curaçao

Perla Del Mar

If you're looking for a waterfront seafood restaurant, then this is the perfect choice! Perla Del Mar is a unique international restaurant located in the historic water fort, they have the best of both worlds; seafood and a steakhouse. The paella here is a famous dish!

De Buren

Affordable and delicious; De Buren is another European-style café for those looking for a quick drink or lunch/ dinner. They offer a variety of pastas, sandwiches, and crafted plates. The colorful cocktails here are extravagant and a must for your Instagram-worthy photography.


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